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The Looker 01

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The Looker 01 – More passion for torture
Experience it…
Enjoy it…
Arise it…
Feel the maximum whiff of desire…
Let yourself captivate, be a looker…
And perpartuate your chastity.

This product is made by your exclusive size ! It?s like a second skin at your penis
The plug is finest handled and locked on a special way
You wear the ?Looker 01? in an enjoyable way. The curve plug save and preserve your urethra!
It capture you immovable!!
You?ll never find an usual key for this safety lock,
Unlessbyou get the key from the keyholder,
Experience the ideal dependence from your keyholder
Enjoy your capture !!!

This product is made of stainless special steel. The plug is made of titanium alloy.

The plug has a diameter of 6mm (0.236 inch) and a continuous drilling. There is an 8mm (0.31496 inch ) big ball at the end.
The plug goes through the A-Ring  (1cm / 0.3937 inch ).
The distance between Cockring and the penis ring is 10mm
The total length inclusive Cockring is determined by the length of the penis in flaccid state.

The following ring sizes are deliverable:


  • 30 mm(1.181 inch)
  • 35 mm (1.378 inch)
  • 38 mm (1.496 inch)
  • 40 mm (1.654 inch)
  • 44 mm (1.73inch)


  • 38mm (1.496 inch )
  • 40mm (1.574 inch )
  • 42mm (1.653 inch)
  • 45mm (1.771 inch)
  • 47mm (1.85 inch )
  • 50mm (1.968 inch)

You can choose the total lenght between 50mm and 120mm
You can get the Plug also removable. You can therefore use the Looker 01 with or without Plug.
Other sizes are also possible upon request.

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